the moving to Vancouver guide

We have created a single guide that includes nearly everyone's needs when moving to Vancouver.

This Guide was personally created by Adam J Bell, after living in Vancouver for years.
From Housing and Shopping, to Free Activities and Discounts.
Get a head start on learning about your new home today!

*Guide Details Below*


Find out about the most desirable places to live for young professionals, the best dining options, as well as where to go on a night out,
and more...


Find out where to get information about how to get a study permit, where and how to find housing, tips on cheap dining, student discounts, as well as a list of free activities to do in this expensive city,
and more...


Find out about Vancouver's great education options and which schools are the best rated, where the safe and family friendly neighbourhoods are located, information on family activities for all ages,
and more...

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In addition to the SINGLE/COUPLES, STUDENT, and FAMILY Information there are (17) more pages covering essential Vancouver knowledge that is applicable to anyone and everyone (32 pages overall).

Below you will find the Table of Contents for the Guide.

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